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Hey dear reader, it is Aslihan writing directly to you. Grab your drink and read along ☺️

I am the ambitious woman behind Ay Paper and a full time dream chaser!

My journey started back in 2018 when my baby boy was 3 years old. As a person who loves stationery and art supplies, I was very fond of all kind of pens, journals, brushes, art mediums, stationery accessories and everything! As I was getting curious with hand lettering and reading - discovering all the sources that I could get, I had decided to take a step further and created my first IG account as an amateur calligrapher. 

Calligraphy love turned into paper love 🖤

In 2019, just after I had my second baby I found myself doing trials and errors in my kitchen with handmade recycled paper.

As a capricorn I always have this feeling "do your best to be the best" -with that in mind, recycled paper was fine but not good enough to me. So I took my chance with cottons to make real handmade papers! 

Thanks to my country's very limited opportunities, I had to make the cotton papers out of scratch and it took my 1 year to formulate the papers. And these limited opportunities drove me to make invest in this business. 👩‍💼 

In this business I am mostly alone but have great co-workers to help me with paper making.

With these investments, I had to buy machines and hire a studio to make productions. 

I had to learn to operate those machines.

Had to learn Hollander beater machine to make cotton pulps.

Had to learn how to oil my hydraulic press to make it run.

I fell in love with letterpress, I digged deeper and learned how to operate Heidelberg Windmill. 😎

With a pinch of curiosity and lots of will, here I am!

Every door lead to an another one, and I am still in a room with full of doors. 

And I cannot wait to open the doors to new opportunities!

That would be really nice to hear from you too!

Please write me back if I ever touched in your life with my journey or a product, and I would grab my coffee and read them with joy!

Lots of love,


Let’s meet!

Inspired? or Will inspire me?

Thanks for sharing!
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